San Francisco Virtual - Depression Bonus Sessions

Evolution, Adaptive Stress and the Future of Depression

Charles Raison, MD

As mental health clinicians, we usually see our primary responsibility and goal as making our patients as emotionally and physically comfortable as possible, and often this is exactly the right clinical path to pursue. It is no secret that we need new types of interventions for depressive disorders, but truly new interventions require revisions in the scientific understandings that guide our practice. This session will provide such a revision, building upon solid evolutionary and clinical data, to guide clinicians in considering the addition of adaptive stressor type interventions into their clinical armamentarium.

Solving Clinical Challenges in Major Depressive Disorder

Vladimir Maletic, MD, MS and Charles Raison, MD

Solving Clinical Challenges addresses complex conundrums that are faced by Psych Congress attendees in managing their patients with major depressive disorder. Drs. Maletic and Raison will discuss and respond to real cases and real issues from attendees who were surveyed prior to the conference. Challenges that may be covered include: 1) diagnostic nosology, accurate diagnosis, and screening; 2) pharmacologic treatments; 3) side effect management; 4) and nonpharmacologic treatments.

The Top Dos and Don’ts in the Psychopharmacologic Treatment of Geriatric Patients: Focus on Dementia and Late-Life Depression and Anxiety

Marc E. Agronin, MD

Geriatric patients are ubiquitous in all clinical settings, and the pharmacologic treatment of their common psychiatric disorders requires an understanding of unique age-related factors. This session will review these factors and how they influence key guidelines to selecting the most appropriate medications in the setting of various forms of dementia, as well as for late-life depression and anxiety.