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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the format of the 2020 Psych Congress Regional Meeting Series when will the meetings take place?

A: We are committed to providing practical education that will advance the knowledge and skills of area clinicians, therefore we are excited to announce that the 2020 Psych Congress Regional Meetings will be delivered as virtual experiences. This immersive event specifically designed for mental health and primary care clinicians will deliver practical Psych Congress caliber education to you from the comfort of your home or office. Dates for the 2020 meetings are:

  • San Antonio, TX Regional Meeting – July 17-18
  • Chicago, IL Regional Meeting -  August 28-29
  • New York, NY Regional Meeting - September 25-26
  • Baltimore, MD Regional Meeting - October 9-10
  • San Francisco, CA Regional Meeting - October 23-24
  • Anaheim, CA Regional Meeting -November 13-14
  • Portland, OR Regional Meeting - November 20-21
  • Orlando, FL Regional Meeting - December 4-5

Q: Will the live meeting be rescheduled?

A: No. All 2020 Psych Congress Regional Meetings will be delivered as a virtual experience.

Q: What is the agenda for the Psych Congress Regional Meetings?

A: The Psych Congress Regionals faculty have developed an outstanding program for 2020, focused on helping clinicians more accurately diagnose and personalize patient care. Please review the meeting website for the latest agenda.

Q: Will I be able to watch session recordings after the Psych Congress Regional has concluded?

A: Yes, but for a very limited time. All sessions presented live during the online event will be recorded and available for 1 week after the meeting concludes.

Q: How will attendees of Psych Congress Regionals participate in the sessions?

A: The virtual experience will be highly interactive and include live discussions, Question-and-Answer dialogue with our faculty, and more. 

Q: There are some sessions I was looking forward to seeing at the live Psych Congress Regional, but I noticed they are not being presented during the virtual Psych Congress Regional. Will those be presented at a different time?

A: Meeting organizers are working with faculty to record the presentations originally scheduled for the live program for distribution later this year.

Q: Will all events associated with the Psych Congress Regional be online as well?

A: All Psych Congress Regionals will include scientific sessions, attendee networking, innovation theaters, and more.

Q: What kind of software will be required to view the program and interact with faculty?

A: The Virtual Psych Congress Regional Meeting series will be fully web-based, so all you will need is a computer, phone, or tablet and an internet connection. Access details will be shared once available.

Q: How do I register?

A: View our registration page for more information.

We also offer group registration rates for any organization planning to send three or more people from the same organization to the conference. View our registration page or contact for more details. For the virtual meeting, a unique email address will be required for each attendee.

Q: I had previously registered for a 2020 live Psych Congress Regional Meeting. What will happen to my registration?

A: All current registrants have been automatically registered for the 2020 virtual experience. We look forward to your participation.

Q: Who do I contact for questions during the virtual event?

A: Our Help Desk will be available to answer questions, assist, and optimize your experience at all 2020 Virtual Psych Congress Regional Meetings. If you have additional questions, please contact us directly at